Of Exoduses and Raptures: A Theology of Battlestar Galactica

in 2009, I was part of a host of authors in a proposed collection studying the then still-running Battlestar Galactica reboot. It was to be published by McFarland under Barbara Silliman and Michael Palumbo. I do not know why, but McFarland let the publication go. I certainly was looking forward to it. I have a few of those failed publications in various stages of completion and will add them to the section of this blog called "Articles of Interest". Enjoy!

Edited 7 August 2014: I have taken down the text of this article, because I have found a venue in which I can publish it. If it is not published, I will post the text again.

Diversity in Outerspace? The Uniformisation of Human Cultures in the Star Trek Universe

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