Today, I had a Graphical Epiphany

My friend @wendywoohoo, my favorite UX genius, was at the IA Summit 2014 conference in San Diego this past week, where a host of UX geniuses discuss information architecture, user experience and web design. I alway look forward to Wendy going to conferences, because she live tweets all the presentations and posts links to wonderful visual notes by attendees. Following those links into glorious web ratholes today, I found what I was looking for this past year in terms of a graphical design approach to my seminar discussions. I aim to apply this in all my upcoming courses. If I find a way, I'll retrofit my old courses as well.

I had an epiphany, people! Here are the results.

Numériser 1 - copie.jpg
Numériser 5.jpeg
Numériser 3.jpeg
Numériser 4.jpeg

Graphical Epiphany applied

De mascottes et de stéréotypes

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