This course is going to be great. Because I want to.

So the first class went very well. Despite the fact that the classroom was not ready, the plug my computer was not plugged, that the ethernet cable was no where to be seen and the students were utterly confused. I introduced the course, the Teaching and Learning guy explained the point of the classroom and then I introduced the stone rhinoceros.


It was fun. The students understood what I was hoping to do and I answered their questions and broke a sweat, because evidently I am still sick as a dog.

When I returned to my office, I then fielded more questions submitted by email, stuff that I forgot to say in class and what not. I am quite exited about the whole thing. I think the students got what I was getting at and the general approach. None of them have ever done a reversed classroom class before and they know that they are the first group from the history department to experience this. But I do think they understand that they are not guinea pigs, that it is a proven teaching technique, but that it is still a rare technique because profs have not learned to apply them.

To there. Looking forward to next week.

Why I fight racism and islamaphobia.

Winter session commencing

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