Live action Cat Women, in order

Look! An illustration cliché!

Look! An illustration cliché!

1. Eartha Kitt, because OF COURSE!!!! How could you not think that Kitt is the best of all the live action Cat Women? It's Eartha-effing-Kitt! She was born to be Cat Woman! She was Cat Woman! [Yes, I thought she was hot, even in old age, she was HOT!]

2. Julie Newmar, because duh! Nothing more to say.

3. Michelle Pfeiffer, wonderful renewal of the character personality traits.

4. Lee Meriweather, great actress but was only there to replace Newmar, and it showed.

6. Anne Hathaway, good actress but completely unbelievable as this character. Sorry, there is no universe where Hathaway could have pulled it off. She was not made for the part. I am still at a loss as to why she was cast.

6. Halle Berry, good actress stuck in a morass of bad movie making, there was nothing to save her from this cinematic disaster. No matter what she could have done, she could not have made it good.



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