Squarespace Meetup, 17 June 2013

I had a great time. For such a divergeant group of people, there were a lot of convergent interests.  


The meetup took place at the Black Tomato  and the food was very good. Koodos to Cory and Casey (from the McMillan Agency upstairs and from the Dear Cast and Crew blog) for having convinced Jessica Kausen at Squarespace, the organiser, to use this venue.

I met a lot of very interesting people. Carol the real estate agent hoping to get more info to convince her web person to switch away Joomla. Bryan "Shooter' McNally, whose short "Change" recently won Best Short at Ottawa International Film Festival 72 Film Challenge 2013. It's a sweet, simple short story about clothes. Bob, the graphic artist talked about his daughter and his shows in Paris, and was a good advocate for AirBnB. Then there was Eileen and Allan from Deep Partners Brand Design who were funny. There was also Paul (I think, sorry!)  the multimedia artist and recovering animator who works at the National Gallery of Canada in the digitalization project.

Then there was also the very last group I spoke with whose names I dont remember (argh!). I only spoke with them for a few minutes before the meetup ended and the carriages turned back into pumpkins. There was the extremely talented illustrator with a History and Classics B.A. from Carleton, and the so very sweet art director who will start a blog soon, hopefully called "Social Services" (Grace? I can't remember!). 

I do hope to see many of them again (contact me!). Unfortunately, I was all out of business cards because Moo has not delivered them yet so I could not hand them out.

♫♬ Demain, c'est ma fête! ♬ ♫

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