Dancing Suite, part 2: The Consequences of Flight, 11/?

Dancing Suite, part 2: The Consequences of Flight, 11/?

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The Consequences of Flight (12944 words) by Tournevis
Chapters: 14/?
Fandom: Murdoch Mysteries
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: William Murdoch/James Pendrick
Characters: William Murdoch, James Pendrick, Julia Ogden, Inspector Brackenreid, Georges Crabtree, James Gillies, Dr. Roberts (Murdoch Mysteries), Thomas Edison, Auguste Lumière, Gustave Eiffel, Marcel Guillaume, Antoine Lumière, Alphonse Bertillon, Louis Lumière
Additional Tags: A host of OCs - Freeform, A host of historical figures, Diary/Journal, Fake Academic Essay, Historically Accurate, Bycicles
Series: Part 2 of The Dancing Suite

The following is taken from a recently defended Master’s cognate in History entitled « The Consequences of Flight : The Rediscovered Diary of a Canadian Homosexual in the Late-Victorian Era. »

The Murdoch Diary, part 2:


29 April, [1 May] and [undated May] 1900

29 April, Sunday

We finally managed to visit the Celestial Globe^1^. In every way it is a marvellous testament to Man's genius and the wonders of the World. I am still in awe. A 45-meter sphere painted blue and gold sitting on an 18 meter base. The structure is so large as to necessitate escalators to ferry visitors to the garden platform, from which one has a wonderful view of the Exhibition grounds and the city past it. Even if it is dwarfed by Mr. Eiffel's tower nearby, is remains stunning. Inside is the most stunning display. In the optimally lighted caverns, one sits in luxury on leather chairs to witness panoramas projected on the concave surface. We saw the most precise views of our solar system's eight planets and far away constellations. The visitors are called "living room astronauts"^2^. Astronauts is a wonderful word, star navigators. James is certain Man will visit the stars one day soon.

[1 May], Tuesday Morning

Thank Heavens we visited the Globe on Sunday. Yesterday, less than a day after our visit, the walkway crossing the Seine and leading to its gardens collapsed!^3^ We walked on it on Sunday! The newspaper tells us there are victims. We are both shook.

No time to write about seeing Villard^4^ last night.

[undated May]

I have noticed James is morose. It is the only word I find applies. His face clouds over when he thinks I am not looking. Other than the clients with whom he spends time, teaching English, Mathematics and the Science, he remains at home, alone as far as I know, and goes on long solitary walks. I have offered we go to the public pool for a change of pace, but he flatly refused. Twice this week, Wednesday and Thursday, he returned home after I did, well past eight, smelling of alcohol both times. For all the years we have know eachother [sic.], I have never known him to drink in excess. Indeed, he has drunk less since we have been together, partaking sparingly, matching my own restraint. He never overly drinks in my presence even now and he is never overly late, but I must take note of any emerging patterns.

I thought he was getting better.

  1. See, 15 April, not 11.

  2. "Astronautes de fauteuil," literally "chair-bound astronauts". This marks the first known use of the word astronaut in any language.

  3. On 31^st^ April 1900, the reinforced concrete walkway leading to the Globe céleste collapsed over de Suffren street, killing eight people and injuring another ten. The inquiry over the incident in preparation for the trial found that architect and engineer Napoléon de Tédesco (1848-1922) was not responsible, but rather that the excavations made by the city were too close to the walkway's base.

  4. Possibly they met with or heard a talk by Paul Villard again.

Dancing Suite, part 2: The Consequences of Flight, 12/?

Dancing Suite, part 2: The Consequences of Flight, 12/?

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Dancing Suite, part 2: The Consequences of Flight, 10/?

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